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Are you tired of anxiety running your life?

Our Mission

Anxiety affects over 40 million adults in America every year!

Our mission is to help people just like you find solutions to your daily wellness issues with the power of adaptogenic mushrooms and other highly potent herbal supplements.

You can’t rush perfection. We listen to nature — and science — and give our mushrooms the time they need. We work with farmers who let their flushes flourish, and every Certified Organic mushroom gets steam-processed to start breaking down the chitin in the cell walls. Then comes our unique triple-extraction process. First, we ferment them to boost bioavailability of polysaccharides, triterpenoids and alkaloids. Next, comes a hot-water extraction for the polysaccharides. Finally, we do a 90-day alcohol extraction for the triterpenoids and other beneficial compounds. All told, it takes about 100 days (and sometimes more) to make each extract!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should i take?

Always follow the instructions on the label of any dietary supplement. General dosage is 1 dropper-full (~1 ml) 1-4 times daily or as needed.* Tinctures are meant to be used as a dietary supplement so be sure to check with your health-care provider or herbalist before you begin a tincture routine.*

how should i store my mushroom products?

It’s easy! Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight, where you won’t forget to take them.

what is a nootropic?

A nootropic is a drug or supplement used to enhance memory or other cognitive functions.

Is there any alcohol in these tinctures?

Yes. Our mushrooms sit in organic alcohol and extract for about 100 days.

are there side-effects to taking functional mushrooms?

Our mushroom products are generally regarded as safe. However, please contact your health practitioner prior to taking any of our products if you have a concern.*

are your products organic?

Yes! All of our mushroom products are USDA Organic Certified by

Does your product expire?

Yes. We have a two-year shelf life on our mushroom products. If you have any questions about your specific product, please reach out to us

How many of these supplements can I take per day? Can I combine tinctures?

At Divana Mushrooms, we call the mixing of mushrooms “stacking.” Each customer spends a period of time in experimentation and what works for them best. Again, there is no wrong or right way to “stack” mushrooms as each person will have a different experience.

how do i take a tincture?

Tinctures are meant to be taken orally, and you can ingest them any way you choose. You drop 1 ml of the tincture directly under your tongue, hold for 60 seconds, under your tongue or add it to your beverage of choice.

Can i mix mushrooms in my daily routine?

The more mushrooms, the merrier!* Mushrooms work synergistically and love to be combined.* Take advantage of our mix & match deals and experiment with your own elixirs at home.

What is a triple extracted mushroom tincture?

We are one of the only companies in the world that does a three-stage extraction method. First, we ferment them to boost bioavailability of polysaccharides, triterpenoids and alkaloids. Next, comes a hot-water extraction for the polysaccharides. Finally, we do a 90-day alcohol extraction for the triterpenoids. All told, it takes about 100 days to make each extract! 

what is the best time to take mushroom supplements?

There is no wrong or right answer to this question. We have some customers who prefer to “stack” all their mushrooms in the morning and some who take them through the entire day. If you have an specific questions please reach out to us at

where are your mushrooms grown?

All of our mushrooms are grown right here in the USA in the pacific northwest region.

do you offer refunds or replacements?

Yes! We have a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our products. If they are not what you were expecting, please just show proof you have recycled the packaging and you get your money back! 🙂

Do your mushrooms undergo heavy metal testing, mycotoxins and other lab testing?

Yes! Please see each individual product page for COA (certificate of analysis) lab testing.

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