Our Story

Wellness Takes Intention and Effort in Today’s World

Our mission is to make mushrooms easily accessible to everybody. There are so many different mushrooms and supplements from across the world that provide tremendous benefits on the human body and we want everyone to be able to enjoy their benefits.

Our Philosophy

We aren’t blind, dumb, or deaf. We understand what is happening to our food supply in America and we are as upset by it as you are.

This is why we live by the philosophy that we have to TAKE CONTROL OF OUR WELLNESS! Because what once was provided freely by mother nature is now a rare and hidden journey people must search for daily.

Our Promise

We promise that every bottle of extract, every supplement, and every item sold from our store is the highest quality product we can source. We know that in order to win your battle for wellness you need the best product you can get.

Our products are also backed with a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason our products don’t align with your chi.

If you have questions about mushrooms that we haven’t answered on the site please text or call us at 619-929-9125 and we will help you directly.

Continue your wellness journey in a Flowstate