Who is Divana?

Divana is a company that cares about bringing balance back into the world. We care about educating who we can about living a healthy and soulful life. We love to encourage and engage with our community as much as we can. Listening to and sharing stories about our trials and victories in life, helping us connect on a deeper level.

We believe that we should help where we are strong. A fortuitous combination between a master formulator and a small business development enthusiast brought forth an opportunity to help bring a terrific wellness product to the market, bringing Divana to life!

We work together to provide the highest quality products available paired with a strong message about how important living a life based around wellness is.

Divana is a name that we created by combining two words that we thought best represented what we fight for.

Di - Divine

Vana - Forest (sanskrit)

Divana - Divine Forest


The forests around the planet provide life for all and fungus plays a huge role in that. Fungus provides the necessary connections within the circle of life to create a flourishing ecosystem. It helps to share information and nutrients between trees in an epic “neural network” among the root systems as well as assisting in the decomposition process that turns dead matter back into nutrients and energy for the still living plants and animals of the forest.

At Divana we are able to provide high quality, certified Vegan and USDA Organic mushroom extract tinctures and powders to our customers. Our long term goal is to be able to provide a much larger selection and variety of health and wellness products and supplements such as teas, vitamins, elixirs, creams & balms and more.

Our goal and intention within this company is to focus on our community and to be a space for sharing knowledge and connecting with like minded individuals. We work with local business owners to share their skills and knowledge through our channels.

Please take a moment and enjoy some sound bath meditations by Elena Maria on our website. In the future we will have yoga, meditations, podcasts, meal prep and more!

We are looking forward to growing with you and please, if you have any questions about mushrooms, don’t hesitate to ask.

Greg Chapman


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