The Red Reishi Mushroom

One of the more popular mushrooms, Red Reishi is known for fighting cancers and boosting the immune system.

Why Choose Red Reishi?


Red reishi has been shown to benefit the body's fight to kill cancer cells.*

Immunity booster

Molecules in the reishi mushroom can increase the amount and activity of white blood cells.*

Increased antioxidants

Red reishi has been shown to increase antioxidant levels in the body.*

Fight fatigue and depression

Red reishi has been shown to decrease fatigue and anxiety while increasing quality of life.*

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100 Day Triple Extraction Process


Increase bio-availability of Polysaccharides, Triterpinoids and Alkaloids

Hot Water

Polysaccharides are only water soluble


Triterpinoids are only alcolhol soluble

We source only the highest quality wild harvested and organically grown mushrooms from farms that have proven histories of growing mushrooms with the highest nutrient densities providing you with the highest quality extract on the market.

Ready to go Recipes

Reishi Mushroom Ramen

An epic superfood based dish!

Reishi Golden Milk Nightcap

A wonderful pre-bed drink!

Reishi Energy Treats

A quick snack packed with protein and fiber!

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