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Ditched my Adderall!

I stopped taking my adderall and replaced it with flowstate. I am getting lots done and I'm not bouncing all over the place at work! Plus I don't feel groggy when I don't take my flowstate like I did when I forgot my Adderall.

Flowstate Nootropics
Danny Francesca
It makes me feel happy!

I feel like I love my life again! I stopped worrying about all the little things and I can just be in the moment. I feel like my life is mine again!

Best pre-workout ever!

I had so much focus while I was lifting today at the gym!
I was busting out so many reps!

Five stars !!!

I really thought they were good the flow state sample kept me calm and focused on what i needed to do in my daily routine thank you!!!

It's ok

I didn't really feel it that much the first day. I'm going to keep taking it though.

Flowstate Nootropics
Sean Williamson
Helped me quit ADDERALL!

Flowstate helped me quit Adderall.
It is still blowing my mind how well this worked.
Keep it up Divana!

Flowstate Nootropics
Jessica Troy
take my money!

totally worth the price. I will be ordering this every month until forever. It is the only thing that has every helped my anxiety.

love it!

love it! love it! love it!
I feel so great when I take flowstate!

Flowstate Nootropics
Zach Robertson
worth it

I'm in sales and Flowstate helped me stay working for longer without getting distracted or tired.

I say try it out

Definitely worth giving it a try. I wasn't sure at first so I just ordered the 5day supply. Totally worth it. Gave me tons of focus at work and in the gym. Ordering a month bottle right now.

I like it

I like it enough to buy it again. I think that say enough about it to me.

Flowstate Nootropics
Lyndsay Freeman
Holy Cr@p!

This Sh*t is a game changer for me! I swear I couldn't snap out of my fatigue coming out of covid until I tried Flowstate! I feel like normal again and I can't believe it. I'm making everyone I know try Flowstate now!

Its pretty good

I definitely felt good while I was taking it but I'm not sure I felt the effects like some people are saying. But i'm also a pretty clean eater and stuff so I don't think things like this affect me as much.

Ordering more ASAP!

I'm making my whole crew take this. I run a production company and we ran a video shoot so smoothly when I shared my sample pack with my crew. Ordering more ASAP for the whole squad!

Flowstate Nootropics
Ryan Sanchez

I highly recommend taking Flowstate everyday if you suffer from ADHD like I do. Its totally helping me make it through my todo lists.

So good

I love Flowstate. I'm pretty sure i'll get a promotion because of it.

Flowstate Nootropics
Scott Reynolds
These things are great!

I gave these a try and was a bit skeptical on the whole nootropic thing, but I actually felt super clear headed and hammered out the workday. I've been taking these every day for a week now and will definitely continue using

Flowstate Nootropics
Heather Northcutt
Great product

Within the first week I noticed considerable change in my mood at work especially. Great product,keep up the good work.

Great product!

After the 3rd day I did notice a more calm work day on the jobsite as I took the supplement a few hours before sleep each night.

Focus and Calm.

My Son shared his Flowstate with me. It took away my hormonal anxiety and it helps me to feel rested, alert and focus on my bookkeeping job daily. So I had to order 3 jars of my own. Love this product!

Love the sample

I love these mushroom samples. They had me full of energy. Easy to swallow thanks for the opportunity to use your product

Love the feeling!

Made me feel amazing!

I am SOOO Excited about Flowstate!

Flowstate helped me quit my Adderall!
I'm getting my to-do lists done even faster now and I'm in a way better mood than when I was taking Adderall.
Flowstate rocks!

Flowstate Nootropics
Ariana DeFuentes
Changed me life

I was very skeptical about this since I heard about so many mushroom tincture and honestly non of them ever worked for me. Received a promo from Divana and tried them out. I felt so focused the whole day and just Received my full jar. So excited to keep the flow going

Flowstate has changed my life!

I used to be wracked with anxiety at work until I discovered Flowstate Nootropics!
Now I feel creative and focused at work and I crush my to-do lists.