Flowstate Nootropics
Flowstate Nootropics

Flowstate Nootropics

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Mushrooms + Nootropics = More productive days

We designed Flowstate to relax your mind, increase your focus and to balance your mood & energy.

Formulated with all natural ingredients that are proven to be safe and effective.

Take control of your mental wellness and make everyday a better day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Tim Stevens
Ditched my Adderall!

I stopped taking my adderall and replaced it with flowstate. I am getting lots done and I'm not bouncing all over the place at work! Plus I don't feel groggy when I don't take my flowstate like I did when I forgot my Adderall.

Danny Francesca
It makes me feel happy!

I feel like I love my life again! I stopped worrying about all the little things and I can just be in the moment. I feel like my life is mine again!

Josh Sutton
Best pre-workout ever!

I had so much focus while I was lifting today at the gym!
I was busting out so many reps!

Five stars !!!

I really thought they were good the flow state sample kept me calm and focused on what i needed to do in my daily routine thank you!!!

Tiffany D.
It's ok

I didn't really feel it that much the first day. I'm going to keep taking it though.